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Exploring books and their film adaptations.

Arranging One's Books

I was prompted to design a book that explored books in my collection and how they related to each other. I quickly realized that many of the books I owned had been adapted into films, so I got the idea to do what most people tend to do -- compare the books to their films.


In addition to visually representing my collection of books, I needed to carry out Georges Perec's essay Brief Notes on the Art and Manner of Arranging One's Books through this publication.


The Book Is Better Than The Film

Or is it? I did some research and gathered statistics and ratings from various sources. Each spread of comparisons features the book's summary and ratings on the left page, and the film's comparison and ratings on the right page. While these ratings are subjective to my resources, I was able to incorporate my own feelings on the books and films by adding a slider bar to each spread. Whichever side the break in the bar lies indicates whether I prefer the book or the film, and by how much.

Included on each page is also the continuation of George Perec's essay, which is separated from the rest of the content by it's dark blue background and white text.

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