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Where the science of cannabis meets the art of cultivation.


Six Labs

The Idea Booth team created a complete brand identity for our cannabis client, Six Labs. As part of the next wave of cannabis entrepreneurs, Six Labs is building a powerful and alluring line of consumer products that will drive evolving attitudes of cannabis products, and rise above the competition. Six Labs is where science meets the art of cultivation.

The first step in the process was coming up with the name and structure of the brand, and then designing the logo. The focus on the six business partners inspired the name "Six Labs", and the number six further influenced the branding with the use of the hexagons.



Because this brand sells a physical product, one main area of focus was on the packaging. A lot of research went into creating a new packaging design for wholesale cannabis flower that would protect the product and also stand out on shelves at the dispensary. We wanted to create something that looked so cool, budtenders would be excited to share it with the customers.

In the end, we came up with the idea for a coffee bag package, scaled to fit 1 pound of cannabis flower. We designed three different color-coordinated bags that indicated the type of product - Hybrid, Indica, or Sativa.

The label with all of the variable information for each batch also acted as a tamper seal, so the dispensaries knew they had a fresh bag of cannabis when it arrived.

This packaging won the 2021 Silver Muse Award in Packaging Design.



We needed a website that was informative, but very to the point. We didn't want a lot of filler. We wanted the viewer to be able to come to the site, quickly be able to order product, and easily get in touch and stay connected with us.

We put all of the most important information on the homepage, with products being the primary focus and contact and social media as secondary focus. The product pages gave more in depth information about the cannabis strains and batches that you would find on the packaging variable labels, giving the dispensaries insight into the quality of the products. On the about page, we made use of a great overview video our production team filmed at the lab.

Website Developed by Idea Booth's Head of Development, Matthew Hoelter.



Marketing cannabis is no easy feat. There are strict rules and regulations on all social media platforms since cannabis is not a universally legal plant. We found the best way to market Six Labs products was beautiful imagery, fun and informative graphics, and being extremely careful with our captions.

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