Honoring the tradition of bread making.

Turano Baking Company

As one of our more robust clients at Idea Booth, I contributed to the social media marketing, print advertising, and website redesign for Turano. I worked closely with the creative director, art director, copywriter, photographer, and developer to create well branded designs that tell the story of tradition and family that is so important to this company.

Twice a year, the team runs large print campaigns, which included billboard, Metra & CTA, and bus tail advertisements in the Chicagoland area. We transferred these campaigns over to digital for social media and web retargeting to complete a cohesive brand campaign across all platforms. For two years we crafted campaigns around the theme of Taste Testers, and how this company's taste testers have spanned generations.


Chicago's Bread

Along with the Taste Testers concept, we pitched a few others, including Bread for Life. This was a favorite among our team, but ultimately it landed in the rejection pile.


Turano Man

One of the more playful aspects of the brand is their mascot, Turano Man. This is where we get to really have fun and put Turano Man in different environments, which works out great for social media marketing. The fans have come to love Turano Man, and the lucky ones have even won Turano Man bobble heads in some of our contests.