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Honoring the tradition of bread making.

Turano Baking Company

Over the years, the Idea Booth team has run large print campaigns, which included billboard, Metra & CTA, and bus tail advertisements in the Chicagoland area. We transferred these campaigns over to digital for social media and web retargeting to complete a cohesive brand campaign across all platforms.

Grilling Season Restored

In recent years, Chicago has been taken over by the Brian Urlacher “Restore” billboards. These were everywhere, and served as a great inspiration for Turano’s “Grilling Season Restored” campaign. We mimicked the layout of the polaroid before image with the larger after image as the main focus. We created a cheeky design by putting the plain buns in the before polaroid and the poppy seed hot dog buns and sesame hamburger buns as the main focus beauty shots. It all came together when we advertised these billboards in a location with several of the original Brian Urlacher “Restore” ads.


Last Minute Changes

For the Spring 2020 billboard campaign, we worked hard to deliver some fun, minimal, and modern designs that would appeal to a younger target market. We created the "Get That Bread" campaign, which played on the popular phrase among younger generations and tied into the Turano product.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 came and shook things up. As the world began to shut down, and people were unable to work, we decided it was not an appropriate time to use the "Get That Bread" slogan, and instead shifted the campaign to promote Turano as both an in-store product for consumer purchase, and a product that many local restaurants use in their ingredients, which were available for curb-side pickup.


Meet Our TasteTesters

For two years, we crafted campaigns around the theme of Taste Testers, and how this company's taste testers have spanned generations. The first campaign "Meet Our Taste Testers" featured older Italian grandmas with the traditional bread making knowledge and understanding that Turano bread is top notch. The second year, the campaign changed to "Taste Testers in Training", featuring young children who are becoming the new generation of bread makers. 

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