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Made to be used,

not admired.



The Idea Booth team created a complete brand identity for our cannabis client, MIsix. MIsix is a no-frills quality cannabis brand. It is available in larger quantities of popcorn and shake, packaged without fuss, fanfare or BS in kraft tubes and pouches. Just good premium cannabis for regulars who know what they want. What you see is what you get - and this attitude needed to be evident throughout the brand design.

The first step in the process was coming up with the branding, which needed to have that laid-back vibe, but also tied into its namesake of the British Intelligence Agency MI6.



Because this brand sells a physical product, one main area of focus was on the packaging. Because this product is made to be used, not admired, we needed to find the line between no-frills and eye-catching for the consumer.

In the end, we used kraft tubes printed with minimal branding. To spruce up the look and to tie in the British Intelligence Agency vibes, we added an embossed foil emblem sticker to the lid of the tube. The additional label with all of the variable information for each batch also acted as a tamper seal.

This packaging won the 2021 Gold Muse Award in Packaging Design.



We needed a website that was informative, but very to the point, so we created a splash page where consumers could locate provisioning centers in Michigan with MIsix supply, and Michigan provisioning centers could order product to sell.

Website Developed by Idea Booth's Head of Development, Matthew Hoelter.



Marketing cannabis is no easy feat. There are strict rules and regulations on all social media platforms since cannabis is not a universally legal plant. We found the best way to market MIsix products was gritty and grungy lifestyle photography, beauty shots of the product and packaging, and being extremely careful with our captions.

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