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Smarter Car Care: the new way to care for your car.


I spent some time as the sole designer at CarAdvise, a tech startup in Chicago that is bringing car maintenance into the age of technology by helping you find the best price and protecting you from unnecessary work.

As the only designer at a startup, I needed to jump from department to department, managing all aspects of design for the company from internal documents, to product UI/UX, to branding and marketing materials.

The Brand

Branding is everything, and as a tech startup in the car maintenance industry, it is important to CarAdvise to stand out among the rest. As a company, CarAdvise is trying to make the car maintenance process easier, friendlier, and much less stressful. So, we took on a friendly, welcoming vibe for our brand, but one that is not afraid to stand up and call out the faults in the industry. We used our bright brand colors and colorful cartoons to draw people in with positivity and trust, but also used our messaging to remind customers that car maintenance doesn't have to suck.


Managing Partners

In addition to managing CarAdvise's brand and product, I had to become an expert in the several other brands and products that make up CarAdvise's network of over 20 partners. This included brand specific email marketing and landing pages, partnership marketing materials, white-labeled products, and much more. Some notable partner brands I managed are Uber, EbayMotors, Shell, Spot Hero, Allstate Insurance, Carvana, and TransUnion.

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