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Etiquette, empathy, and empowerment.


Heidi Dulebohn's Personal Branding

The Idea Booth team was tasked with creating the personal branding and marketing materials for Heidi Dulebohn, an international etiquette coach, social activist, and speaker.


Capturing polish & elegance with a warm friendly aura was the goal of this project. Starting with the font, Prata creates a classic and elegant aesthetic as a headline front. A soft-toned palette composed of grays and blues with some earth tone accent colors creates a sleek and composed sophisticated feel. The palette is designed to reflect Heidi as a kind, warm, extroverted and positive person. The visual language needed to be clean, elegant and evoke the same feeling Heidi gives her audience when she is in the same room. This means calming blues, warm neutrals and lots of white space.


This full brand guide covers everything encompassing Heidi, from social media, photography, and videos, to website and marketing materials.



Heidi Dulebohn’s website was designed to create a polished yet inviting aesthetic that would highlight her prestigious certifications and current services; as well as her positive aura. The photography used on the site captured Heidi’s personality as a focal point and we worked in clean lines and structure to maintain the professional polish. Designed to maximize engagement and promote interaction, we chose a traditional layout. Connecting her brand offline to online by aligning our collateral and overall brand image, the site has received praise from existing and current clients alike.

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