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Marriage is what brings us together today.

Wedding Design

I was honored to help my brother and his wife during their wedding planning process by contributing my design skills. I started by creating a modern yet elegant monogram for their special day that could be transformed for multiple uses, such as a design element for invitations, a personalized address stamp, and favor stickers among other things.

I carried their plum coloring throughout all designs and put together a full color palette of soft grays and violets to contrast nicely with their darker purple.

In addition to the invitations, I designed a simple website for their guests to RSVP. The website consisted of a clean, light splash image, a details page, an accommodations page, and the RSVP page.


The Big Day

The styling from the wedding invitation was carried through to all of the essentials for the big day. The elegant typography was used in both the ceremony program and the signage throughout the day.

The plum monogram was displayed on each design to keep consistency among all of the wedding materials.

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