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The bold new way to add flavor to your drink.

Infusion Rum Collection

As part of a design collaboration exercise, I was prompted to come up with a concept for a brand in the liquor industry using the name "Infusion". My mind immediately went to fruit-infused drinks, so I decided to turn my Infusion brand into a line of flavored white rums.


The logo typography comes from the idea of the light white rum being infused with bold, fruity flavors. The color palette across the logos changes accordingly to reflect each fruit.

The Full Brand

After creating the colorful logo family, the design was applied to the bottle labels. The typography on the labels reflects the styling used in the sub-line of the logo.


To further reinforce the idea that Infusion is a collection of rums, the full color palette from each flavor was turned into a design element that was not only used on every label, but was also brought into the design of the brand itself. The color ribbon can be seen on packaging, business cards, and letterheads among other marketing collateral. 

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